Title: Banksy





Year: 2005

Month: October

Location: London, Uk

Pagination: 0

City: London, UK

Document Type: Graffiti

Media Files:

Banksy is an artist from Bristol, UK, whose artwork has appeared throughout London and other locations around the world. His work and unconventional methods of exhibiting it have attracted media attention from around the world, yet he has maintained his anonymity. Banksy is best known for his distinctive stencilling technique, which is often highly political in nature, though he has also gained repute for his "vandalize" oil paintings, proving a prowess of more traditional mediums. Please note: a number of the images shown are from Wikimedia, and are displayed under the Creative Commons License. Banksy in the News Banksy's Barely Legal show, September 15, 2006. Photos from Supertouch. Disneyland Installation,BBC News, Sept 2006 Paris Hilton CD prank, BBC News, Sept 2006 Images of the prank, Gossip Rag, Aug 2006 Israeli Wall, BBC News, Aug 2005 News report on Banksy's Crude Oil show Windows Media - 9.2 MB Official Website of Banksy Banksy on MySpace Wooster Collective archives. (Multiple articles - do a quick search)