Title: Chuck Nicaragua


Chuck Nicaragua



Year: 2006

Month: June

Pagination: 0

City: Managua, Nicaragua

Document Type: Graffiti


About the Artist: I am an artist from the third world where there is no art because it has always been influenced by politics, religion and money... Just as it has been in the first world. I was born on April 3rd 1978 in Managua, Nicaragua. My art is multifaceted, at times simple and clear, and at times dark and complex. It is a protest against the institutions that surround me, including art itself, it is a form of criticism of myself and of others. My inspiration is life itself and my influences are artists such as Miro y Roberto Matta and many others without a name. Please note: some of the works presented here are collaborative. Also, photographs have been manipulated slightly by the artist to allow for better representation and presentation.